The PREVIMER demonstrator is aimed at a broad audience seeking short term coastal environment forecasts for the three mainland coastlines: Channel, Atlantic, and Mediterranean. A set of observations and digital modelling tools for providing 4-day (96h) forecasts on the state of the sea, currents, sea levels, temperatures, and primary production.


The project PREVIMER is coordinated by Ifremer with backing from financial, scientific, technical, and industrial partners as well as data suppliers. The PREVIMER project's main partners are SHOM and Meteo-France. This project is partly financed by the Union European and is included in the State-Region Project Contract for Brittany(2000-2006 and 2007-2012).



Observations of sea level viewable on Previmer

  • the water height in relation to the mean level;
  • the water height in relation to the chart datum;
  • the water height in relation to the NGF zero;
  • the overspill (difference between observation.


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