Charente coastline: Ile d'Aix, fort Enet, fort Boyard, La Rochelle, La Pallice - La Rochelle


The reconstruction work done by Thomas Gouriou focuses on observations of water levels along the Charente coast. His thesis, "The change in the components of the sea level based on tide gauge measurements along the Charente coast since the mid-19th century", was prepared at the University of La Rochelle (UMR 6250 CNRS-ULR) under the supervision of Guy Wöppelmann, and was financed by the Charente-Maritime departmental council. His thesis (in two volumes) and the oral presentation are available here.


Pertuis d'Antioche, 1824-2011 : (a) évolution des niveaux marins moyens MTL mensuels (bleu) et annuels (noir) ; (b) zoom sur le niveau moyen MTL annuel et accélération de l'élévation du niveau de la marin (Source : thèse Thomas Gouriou, Université de La Rochelle, mars 2012). Cliquer sur la figure pour l'agrandir


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