DISCOBOLE - Sizing of coastal structures and long-term seaside constructions



DISCOBOLE (Dimensionnement des structures côtières et des ouvrages de bord de mer à longue échéance) studies the impact of climate change on the sizing of coastal structures through 2050. The program's objective is to improve estimates of medium and long term impacts (50 years maximum) of climate change. The project looks more closely at parameters generally considered secondary (positive/negative surges), i.e., resulting from "primary" parameters whose future variation is better known (mean sea levels, wind forces, precipitation, etc.). The DISCOBOLE project results from an invitation by MEDD to submit proposals on the "vulnerability of infrastructures with regard to the impact of climate change".


Use of numerical models in the project

Heavy use will be made of digital models that operate over very large space and time scales, supplied with comprehensive input data. The consequences on the maintenance of existing coastal constructions and the extra cost of future works will be estimated.


To find out more:

  • Task 5: calculation of the height of extreme water levels on the French coast (P. A. Pirazzoli)





Last updated: 12/12/2012