Inventory of documents relative to JERSEY stored in other archive center than Shom archives

Inventory of analog Sea Level observations ( REFMAR ; POUVREAU, 2008)

This list of documents containing historical tide gauge observations at the JERSEY site is mainly based on the inventory made by N.Pouvreau during his PhD (2008) and/or as part of the Refmar activities since then.

CAUTION Generally, the documents listed below have not necessarily been consulted. Then, we can not be sure that the measurements cover the entire indicated periods (When consultated, dates are accurate (dd/mm/yyyy))

If you have historical documents related to water level measurements carried out at the port of JERSEY do not hesitate to contact us .

Location Country Starting year Ending yearType of document DetailsArchive centerReference
JERSEY ILE ANGLO-NORMANDE 1832 1832 LEDGER hauteurs diurnes tous les 1/4 d'heure SHD Rochefort 7JJ0556 / 7JJ0557 / 7JJ0558 / 7JJ0559 / 7JJ0560
JERSEY ILE ANGLO-NORMANDE 1949 1950 LEDGER hauteurs tous les 1/4 d'heure SHOM S.H.2. 146