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Summary of documents/data relative to: LA REUILLE (FRANCE)

Plot Explanations:

The paper documents identified in the summary barplot (grey / black bars) come from the Shom archives (up-to-date inventory). It is possible that several types of documents concern the same period (ledger(s)/tide gauge charts) and their stage of dematerialisation (scanned or not) are possibly different: refer to the table below to find out.

Detailed list of documents related to water level measurements, carried out at LA REUILLE , from Shom archives:

The inventory of Shom archives is in progress. Possibliy, this list could change in future. When documents are ledgers, the sampling frequency is noted if reported during the inventory.

Starting date Ending date Type of documents sampling frequency (if ledger) Scanned (YES/NO)
31/12/1974 21/02/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
21/02/1975 14/04/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
28/05/1975 24/06/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
24/06/1975 11/07/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
11/07/1975 10/09/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
10/09/1975 06/10/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
06/10/1975 05/11/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
05/11/1975 20/11/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
20/11/1975 29/12/1975 MARIGRAM -- YES
29/12/1975 16/02/1976 MARIGRAM -- YES