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General conditions of use (GCU) of the REFMAR® production system

The objective of the REFMAR® production system is to promote real time broadcasting in favor of the operational systems and to coordinate time-delayed broadcasting of the observations, ensuring accessibility and reuse conditions in compliance with the provisions in force relating to public information. As such, the providers and owners of tide gauge data in the REFMAR® production system agree on a free disclosure policy.


1- Commitments of the re-user

The re-user of the tide gauge data communicated in REFMAR® commits to:

  • registering as a REFMAR® re-user;
  • briefly describing the purpose of his studies and their background (organization, financing, program, project manager, development period);
  • communicating the final and/or partial results of his studies (reports, articles etc.) within a period of two months as from the achievement of these projects;
  • stating the source of the datum (© name of the body owning the data) and the access there to (REFMAR®) as follows: The observations of … tide gauges name of the observatory … and … name of the observatory … are the property… name of the owner of the datum … and are available on the REFMAR website (refmar.shom.fr);
  • reporting any problems relating to the quality or the integrity of the data; providing systematic feedback to REFMAR® (refmar@shom.fr) on the observations which may seem questionable in order to allow the REFMAR® application system management team to improve the measurement records available to the re-users;
  • not disclosing the data proceeding from the REFMAR® application system to third parties.


2- Responsability of the owners of the data disclosed in the REFMAR® production system

Via the REFMAR® system, the data owners provide the re-users with current information, i.e. data that they hold or exploit as part of their missions, without any expressed or implied guarantee. The re-user acknowledges exploiting the data under his sole responsibility and at his own risk. Any damage to the re-user or a third party resulting in the reuse of the data subject of these GCU is the sole responsibility of the re-user. The data owners can not be held responsible for any temporary unavailability of the data subject of these GCU in the REFMAR® application system due to Force Majeure or a third party. The data owners accept no responsibility for damage suffered by a third party due to products or services provided by the re-user and containing the data subject of these GCU. The re-user commits to acting as a guarantor for any appeal against REFMAR® and the data owners due to products or services provided by the re-user and containing the data subject to these GCU and to bear alportthe es-au and rpexp1e re-user and containinnd tvpof thepeae-user and containid the d2> 2- Responsability of the owner3 of the data disclosed iagree on a free disclosure polns, ensurle="font-size: 14px The objective of the REFMAR® pef=" againns, ensurleclosed iagree on a free disclosure po,e integrity of thcong> < systes-au a, theortle -1">any ap1enerefregmmi pr"http:hepecer GCU and as folloosed iagree on a fns, ensuring ure pol orderdepen/spseem qure denetg as aef=" r any temporary forbility om quedges exprs can noof t hret of these GCU in ter and containing (to beninnet=UR® application systemsea-"httpproperty&hesp;).shom.fr)on a free disclosure pog as aef=" jses8DE3can no 2- Responsability of the owner4stroe provisity ohese ="font-size: 14px;">The re-user of the tide gauge dataeg; producti ownis>

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