BM100A guided wave radar tide gauge

The Krohne BM100A radar is a contact type measurement sensor (the water interface measured is in contact with the instrument). These are guided wave radars using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) measurement technology. The instrument transmits short electromagnetic pulses along a conducting cable. The pulses are then reflected by the surface of the water and received by the apparatus, which measures the time between the transmission and reception of each pulse. Half of this time is equivalent to the distance between the sensor's reference point and the surface of the water. The older generation BM100A sensors have now been almost entirely replaced by Optiflex 1300C sensors, which offer higher measurement quality (improvement in the characteristics of the radar signal) and lower electrical consumption.


Marégraphe radar Krohne BM100A avec son puits de tranquilisation - Observatoire marégraphique de Brest. (Crédits SHOM, 2011). cliquer sur la photo pour l'agrandir


Tide gauge deployment

These sensors are installed in stilling wells with a diameter of at least 300 mm and whose characteristics range from old stone stilling wells (Brest, Socoa etc.) to polyethylene tubes (Saint Nazaire, Port-Bloc etc.).


Data producer using this type of sensor


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