Vegapuls 62 non-contact radar tide gauge

The Vegapuls 62 radar sensor is a pulsed-wave non-contact radar that transmits in the K band (around 26 GHz). The operating principle, as for wave-guided radar (BM100, Optiflex 1300C), is based on the measurement of the transmission time of the microwave pulse transmitted by the radar and reflected by the interface to be measured. Half of this time is equivalent to the distance between the sensor's reference point and the surface of the water. These sensors, which are quite popular for hydrographic measurement due to their low cost, are generally deployed in open-air configurations.


Capteur radar Vega Vegapuls62 en air libre -observatoire marégraphique de Toamasina (crédits SHOM, 2011). Cliquer sur la figure pour l'agrandir


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Last updated: 12/12/2012