The REFMAR dissemination of tidal data is transferrd to the site, the marine and coastal geographic information portal

REFMAR and staff are available to help you make the switch and answer all your questions.

Any application for registration or account changes are no longer taken into account.

REFMAR Tidal data on

To meet the expectations of our 850 users, we are changing the way we disseminate REFMAR tide gauge data. Whether you are a decision maker, politician, engineer, researcher or private individual, whether you work for the central government, local government, or a design or technical agency, you need to access, view and download sea level observations. With, you can find water level measurements from our REFMAR partners in accordance with the INSPIRE Directive and the online open data policy managed by Etalab under the authority of the French Prime Minister.


Why disseminate REFMAR tide gauge data on

SHOM's mission is to "understand and describe the physical marine environment in its relationship with the atmosphere, the seabed and littoral zones", and "forecast changes and disseminate the corresponding information".

The marine and coastal geographic information portal gives a large community of users (central government, local authorities, researchers, businesses) access to SHOM reference data on the physical marine, coastal and ocean environment. The website also allows users to search, view, and access geolocalized SHOM data. 

The portal covers the following topics: bathymetry, cartography, tide, tidal currents, general hydrography and now also sea level observations. New data will progressively be aggregated to embrace all the themes covered by SHOM's mission. The portal will also be updated to provide increas-colubMoK

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