ESEAS (European Sea-Level Service)


ESEAS (European Sea-Level Service) was established as a permanent service during its 7th Steering Committee in 2005. Following the third call to participate, 21 European countries including France, represented by SHOM, currently participate in this service and almost 200 tide gauges have been submitted as ESEAS observation sites, in accordance with the defined measurement criteria. The French contribution currently consists of 20 tide gauges in the RONIM network. The "ESEAS-Research Infrastructure" component supported by the European Commission was completed in 2005. The results are available in the form of reports.





Organization of ESEAS



The organization of ESEAS following the fourth call to participate is as follows:

  • Portal for time-delayed tide gauge data and databases: BODC (British Oceanographic Data Centre)
  • Portal for real-time tide gauge data in Europe: DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute);
  • GPS station archives co-localized with tide gauges in Europe: NMCA (Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority).

The 2010 fifth call to participate was for the purpose of hosting the executive office. The result of this was the transfer of the office from the NMCA (Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority) to the EuroGOOS Office.

ESEAS calls to participate:

  • 5th ESEAS call to participate: new executive office (February, 2010)
  • 4th ESEAS call to participate: data portal and databases (December, 2008)
  • 3rd ESEAS call to participate: observation sites (2005)


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