AMPHORE - Marine Protected Areas: biodiversity conservation tools and sustainable management of fishery resources (ANR BioDiv 2009).

The AMPHORE project brings together 13 partners (UR 070 IRD, UMR 5119 ECOLAG CNRS-UMII-IFREMER, EMH IFREMER, EPBX CEMAGREF, LEH Agrocampus Rennes, UMR 063 C3ED IRD UVSQ, CEDEM UBO, EA 3156 University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, US 004 ACAPPELLA IRD CSRP Senegal, CNSHB Guinea, CRODT Senegal, IMROP Mauritania).

It is coordinated by the IRD, with a 4-year mission (January, 2008 to January, 2012).


This project has three objectives

  1. To define biological, ecological, economic, and social indicators for use in fisheries management
  2. To test the real effectiveness of MPAs and assess the economic activities and resulting benefits by ecosystem, trophodynamic, bio-economic, and multi-agent modelling
  3. To define decision-making systems for establishing MPA and define regional policies based on the notion of MPA networks.


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