ANR COCORISCO (Knowledge, understanding and management of coastal risks)


The project COCORISCO "knowledge, understanding and management of coastal risks" funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche concerns coastal risks related to the mobility of the coastline and its consequences in terms of erosion and flooding (excluding cyclone and tsunami zones). It addresses the contemporary context of growing vulnerability of coastal areas in light of global environmental changes.


COCORISCO Objectives

 The COCORISCO project objective is to understand the vulnerability of coastal areas to erosion and flooding and move towards preventive and management strategies.

Among the six tasks of the research project, two are based on sea level observations:

  • Task 2 "geological and historical signatures" focuses on sea level observations including changes in sea level and the recurrence of storms.
  • Task 3 "morpho-dynamic monitoring" involves acquiring meteo-marine data (wind, pressure, wave and sea level observations) to analyse the morphogenic conditions during the monitoring period.


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