MAREMOTI – Tidal measurement, tsunami observations, modelling, and vulnerability studies for the Northeast Atlantic and West Mediterranean (ANR RiskNat 2008).

The MAREMOTI project brings together 9 French partners (CEA/DASE, SHOM, University of La Rochelle, GEOLAB - Blaise Pascal University, LGP - Paris 1 University, Geosciences Consultants, GESTER - Montpellier University, Geology Laboratory - ENS) and one Portuguese partner (Centro de Geofisica da Universidade de Lisboa), all involved in research on tsunamis.

It is coordinated by the CEA and has a three-year mission (March 2009 to March 2012).

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Five main focuses:

  1. Tidal measurement, to build databases of historical observations and improve the instruments
  2. Research into historical and paleo-tsunami observations of ancient events (notably in the Balearic Islands and on NE Atlantic coast)
  3. Estimation of the tsunami hazard by digital simulation, for the purpose of mapping the hazard and developing alert tools
  4. Study of seismic sources that are potential tsunami generators
  5. Estimation of vulnerability

Searching for tide curves and scientific exploitation

Search for tide curves in the archives


Enregistrements sur marégrammes d'événéments tsunamigène

Digitisation using NUNIEAU + signal pre-processing + processing


Numerisation maregramme


Analysis by specific signal processing


Analyse traitement signal spécifique

Extraction of historical tsunami characteristics



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