VULSACO - Vulnerability of sandy coast systems to climate change and anthropogenic pressures


VULSACO - Vulnérabilité de plages sableuses face aux changements climatiques et aux pressions anthropiques - VULSACO - Vulnerability of sandy coast systems to climatic and anthropogenic pressures (ANR vulnerability environment climate)

The VULSACO project brings together 9 partners (BRGM, EPOC (University of Bordeaux I), University of the Coast (Dunkirk), IMAGES (University of Perpignan), T2E (University of Montpellier), BRL engineering (Nimes), LEGI (University of Grenoble), LETG (University of Nantes), Symlog (Paris)).

It is coordinated by the BRGM, with a three-year mission (June, 2007 to June, 2010).


Project Objectives


This project has two main objectives:

  •  To identify and estimate indicators of physical vulnerability (erosion and coastal flooding) on low, sandy coastlines in the short term (storms) and long term (2030);
  •  To identify the influence of human coastal occupation on this vulnerability.

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