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XML file format for REFMAR tide gauge data available on

XML is one of the 3 REFMAR tidal data dissemination formats available on This format is based on GML. Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML-derived language for encoding, manipulating and exchanging geographic data. It is a standard developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium to ensure data interoperability in the field of geographic information and geomatics. The XML file is made up of two series of blocks: <gml:boundedBy> and <om:member>.



This block provides the coordinates of the tidal observatory for which the sea level measurements are being downloaded.


    <gml:Envelope srsName="EPSG:4326">

      <gml:lowerCorner>50.72738 1.57766</gml:lowerCorner>

      <gml:upperCorner>50.72738 1.57766</gml:upperCorner>




The rest of the file consists of <om:member> blocks. These blocks provide the water level data with a date/time – height pair per block.

The main information is:

  • <gml:timePosition>2015-01-15T13:34:17.000Z</gml:timePosition> : providing the date and time of measurement

The format étant [year]-[month]-[day]T[hour]:[minutes]:[seconds][time system]

The time system is shown here with a letter corresponding to the time zone (Z: Zulu = UTC)

The tide gauge used is Toulon (identifier 68)

  • <om:result uom="m">5.69</om:result> that provides the water height in meters



    <om:Measurement gml:id="o_1422525328219">


        <gml:TimeInstant gml:id="phenomenonTime_187">




      <om:resultTime xlink:href="#phenomenonTime_187"/>

      <om:procedure xlink:href=""/>

      <om:observedProperty xlink:href=""/>


        <sa:SamplingPoint gml:id="sf_4A577B6E15ED117A19DA671B743D7D43561B1D43">

          <gml:name codeSpace=""></gml:name>

          <gml:name codeSpace=""></gml:name>

          <sa:sampledFeature xlink:href="urn:ogc:def:nil:OGC:unknown"/>


            <gml:Point gml:id="point_sf_4A577B6E15ED117A19DA671B743D7D43561B1D43">

              <gml:pos srsName="EPSG:4326">50.72738 1.57766</gml:pos>





      <om:result uom="m">4.86</om:result>





ISO Metadata and cataloging

The platform has implemented this standard to "easily" meet the INSPIRE requirements for tidal observation data. Likewise, the architecture of complies with the Directive regarding cataloguing and displaying ISO metadata.


Dissemination of tidal data in XML or JSON formats

To familiarize you with future tide gauge data formats, we are providing an example of a download using the SOS format:

REFMAR and personnel are available to help you make the switch and answer all your questions.





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