French assessment of the 12th session of the GLOSS Group of Experts and associated workshops





The XIIth session of the intergovernmental Group of Experts of the "Global Sea Level Observing System" (GLOSS) was held at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris. On this occasion, two workshops were also programmed concerning extreme water levels and the use of GPS to monitor vertical movements at tide gauge sites.

France was represented by the University of La Rochelle, LEGOS and SHOM.

During the various workshops, the accent was placed on the need for, and standardization of the monitoring of data collected, by the international Group of Experts publishing a new dedicated manual entitled : Quality control of sea level observations.

Strong emphasis was also placed on the importance of the digitization and valorization of historical paper marigrams, particularly in Africa, in order to support climatic studies at oceanic level.

The French delegation gave details of the most recent activities at national level (2011 report). Amongst the most important of them were: SONEL has received the support of French institutions via the award of the SOERE label for a period of at least 4 years. In this regard, the Group of Experts received France's efforts in this field very positively and definitively accepted to make the GNSS component of SONEL GLOSS's official "data assembly centre" for this aspect of the programme.

- The launching of the next bilingual REFMAR site was also welcomed very favorably, with the desire to see the systematic validation of data extended to tide gauges other than those in the RONIM network

- The tide gauges of Leava, located on the island of Futuna, and Toamasina (on the East coast of Madagascar) were approved for integration into GLOSS's core observation network and will receive a GLOSS number during the next session, planned for 2014.

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