• Absolute reference: Galilean reference frame (without acceleration).
  • Admittance: the ocean's response, depending on the frequency, to the action of the generating force.
  • Age of the tide: time interval between the syzygy and the maximum range of tide that follows.
  • ALLENVI: Environmental alliance.
  • Altimetry: measurement of the height of water using spatial techniques.
  • Amphidromic points: points located at sea around which the tide wave appears to turn.
  • Amplitude: difference between the height of a high or low tide and the mean level. This term is often used in error to designate the range of tide.
  • Apparent time: true solar hour angle.
  • Argument number: method for designating the components of the tide, using a 6-figure number, making it possible to identify the astronomical parameters from which they are derived and deduce from them their period.
  • Ascending node: point at which the lunar orbit and the ecliptic intersect in the direction of movement of the Moon from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere.



  • Backrush current: current generated by the slope of the free surface, excluding the action of the tide.



  • CCI:  Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • CEA/LDG: Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives / Laboratoire de Détection et de Géophysique (Atomic energy and alternative energy commission / Detection and geophysical laboratory).
  • CENALT: Centre national d'alerte aux tsunamis (national tsunami alert centre)
  • CETE: Centre d'études techniques de l'équipement (equipment technical study centre).
  • CETMEF: Centre d'Etudes Techniques Maritimes Et Fluviales (maritime and fluvial technical study centre
  • CG: Conseil Géneral (county council)
  • CGC: Commission de gestion de configuration (configuration management committee)
  • CGEDD: Conseil général de l'environnement et du développement durable (general council for the environment and sustainable development)
  • Chart datum: same as hydrographic datum.
  • CIL: Correspondant Informatique et Libertés (data protection coordinator).
  • CIMER: Comité interministériel de la mer (interministerial committee for the sea)
  • Civil time: mean time plus 12 hours.
  • CNES: Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (national space study centre)
  • CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (national scientific research centre)
  • Coefficient: measurement of the amplitude of the tide expressed relative to the unit of height.
  • Concordance; species concordance: tidal analysis and prediction technique using the relations between the elements of a standard port and those of a secondary port.
  • Cotidal line: line on a chart passing through all the points at which high tide occurs at the same time.
  • CR: Conseil Régional (regional council)
  • CRATANEM: Centre régional d'alerte aux tsunamis pour l'Atlantique Nord-Est et la Méditerranée (Regional tsunami alert centre for the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean)
  • Current amplitude: maximum speed during a tidal cycle.
  • Current atlas: cartographic representation of the tidal current fields at various times.



  • Damping well: Device in a tidal observatory designed to flatten the area of water and reduce rapid movements due to waves and swell.
  • DDE: Direction Départementale de l'Equipement (county council infrastructure directorate)
  • DDEA 14 / SRAN: Direction Départementale de l'Equipement et de l'Agriculture du Calvados / Service Réglementation et activités nautiques (county council infrastructure and agricultural directorate for the Calvados department / Regulatory and nautical activities department)DDTM: Direction Départementale des Territoires et de la Mer (county council territorial and maritime department)
  • Declination: angle between the celestial body and the equatorial plane.
  • DéGéOM: Délégation générale de l'Outre-Mer (general delegation for overseas territories)
  • DGEC/ONERC: Direction générale de l'énergie et du climat / Observatoire national sur les effets du réchauffement climatique (general directorate for energy and climate / National observatory of the effects of global warming)
  • DGM: Direction générale de la météorologie (Madagascar) (general directorate for meteorology (Madagascar))
  • DGPR: Direction générale de la prévention des risques (general directorate for risk prevention)
  • Diurnal tide: one high water and one low water per day; the semi-diurnal components are negligible.
  • DMS: Demande de mise en service (commissioning request)
  • DMSOI: Direction de la Mer Sud Océan Indien (Directorate for the Sea – Southern Indian Ocean)
  • Doodson number: another name for an argument number.
  • DRE: Direction régionale de l'Equipement (regional infrastructure directorate)
  • DREAL - LR: Direction régionale de l'environnement, de l'aménagement et du logement - Languedoc-Roussillon (regional directorate for infrastructure, development and housing – Languedoc-Roussillon)
  • Drift current: current generated by the wind.
  • DSC: Direction de la Sécurité Civile (directorate of civil safety).



  • Ebb current or ebb: current accompanying the ebb tide.
  • Ebb: synonym of falling tide.
  • Ecliptic latitude: angle between the celestial body and the ecliptic plane.
  • Ecliptic longitude: angle between the orthogonal projection on the ecliptic of the direction of the celestial body and the direction of the vernal point.
  • Ecliptic: the Earth's orbit around the Sun or the Sun's apparent orbit viewed from the Earth.
  • Ellipsoid: mathematical surface defining a geodetic system based on the relative positions of points located on the Earth's surface.
  • Equation of time: difference between the mean time and the true time. Species: set of components whose frequencies are close to a given number of cycles per lunar day. we distinguish between species with long periods, diurnal and semi-diurnal species.
  • Equator: terrestrial great circle contained within the plane perpendicular to the polar axis.
  • Equinoctial point: intersection of the ecliptic plane and the equator.
  • Equinoctial spring tide: maximum amplitude of the semi-diurnal tide around the equinoxes.
  • Establishment of the port: time (true time) of high water on a day on which syzygy occurs at apparent noon.
  • EuroGOOS: European Global Ocean Observing System
  • Exceptional spring tide: semi-diurnal perigean equinoctial spring tide.
  • Extended argument number: Doodson number to which a 7th figure has been added, specifying whether the angular argument is associated with a positive or negative sine or cosine.



  • Falling tide: period during which the water level falls.
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (or Foire Aux Questions in French)
  • FFT: Fast Fourier Transform. Technique for representing a time signal in the spectral domain.
  • Fix sphere: representation system in which reference is made to celestial bodies by their direction on a sphere whose position is fixed with respect to the stars.
  • Flood current or flood: current accompanying the rising tide.
  • Flood: synonymous with rising tide.
  • Foreshore: Coastal strip between the levels achieved by the highest and lowest tides.



  • Generating force: resultant of the gravitational attractive force exerted by celestial bodies at a point on the Earth and the inertial driving force of a reference base associated with the Earth.
  • Generating potential: scalar magnitude from which the generating force is derived.
  • Geocentric zenith distance: zenith distance with respect to the centre of the earth.Historical data or metadata: Tide gauge data in non-digital format
  • Geodetic coefficient: element of the expression of the generating potential depending solely on the latitude.
  • Geographical coordinates: terrestrial latitude and longitude.
  • Geoid: equipotential surface of the Earth's gravitational field.
  • GLOSS: The Global Sea Level Observing System
  • GOES: Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
  • GPM: Grand Port Maritime (major maritime port)



  • Half tide: means of high and low waters.
  • Harmonic analysis: calculation of the harmonic constants of the tide.
  • Harmonic component: elementary tide wave, defined by its frequency, amplitude and phase.
  • Harmonic constant: the amplitude and situation of a harmonic component are harmonic constants of the said component.
  • HCR/DDPC-PF: Haut commissariat de la République de Polynésie française / Direction de la Défense et de la Protection Civile - Polynésie française (High commission of the Republic in French Polynesia / Directorate of defence and civil protection – French Polynesia)
  • HCR/DSC-NC: Haut commissariat de la République en Nouvelle-Calédonie / Direction de la Sécurité Civile - Nouvelle-Calédonie (High commission of the Republic in New Caledonia / Directorate of civil safety – New Caledonia)
  • High and low waters: extremes of the tide curve.
  • Hour angle: angle between the meridian half-plane of the position and the meridian half-plane of the celestial body, measured clockwise in the direction of the heavenly body.
  • Hydrographic datum: also called chart datum, common reference for nautical charts and tide tables for use by navigators.



  • IBI-ROOS: Ireland-Biscay-Iberia Regional Operational Oceanographic System
  • IDSC: Inspect6fsay-Iberia Regional Operatpan style="font-f the R,le="nd civil protecti New isay-Ibli>
  • DREAL - IFREong>: Comité ntat oftPol (High an se ScientiftlantiqExplol fielder Sud OER (olynesi centre) High andIGA>: Inspect6fsay-Iberiale de l'énergieadial coconfigurinformatadiacoconfiguisay-Ibli>
  • DREAL - IGF>: Inspect6fsay-Iberiale de l'énerwithnh resurinformatthnh reuisay-Ibli>
  • DREAL - IGg>: Directihamberi style="text-align: justify;"> DREAL - IGg Chamber >: DirectIyle="fite-breat">tat oftP d'alerte rgieion DREAL - IIW>: Comité ntat oftfiguisrondentale des TerritoistronbetwesurIsrondt)
  • DREAL - INPI>: Comité ntat oftP d'alerte rgition prilogierit/li> iédo ( observatitat ofte Sea it/li> iction al tyli style="text-align: justify;"> DREAL - INSU>: Comité ntat oftP de la Rechsfique céquipemUmoyers ( observatitat ofte Sea umoyerstific rec
  • DGEC/ONEIsronaordinato
  • <>: Haut commiomponent are harmd by the wind.
  • Age of tIOg>: Inspect6fsrong terSatellitaphic System Age of tIPEV>: Comité ntat oftPis. DGEC/ONEIPGP>: Comité ntat oftPctio(Atomic duwarmiynési las (Palas d the laborslitat ofteli style="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONEIRD>: Comité ntat oftPctie Scientiftlantition ent durable (Rcentre)
  • Chart daIRSN>: Comité ntat oftPctieadioon – Frentpan sSûregierNuc (H Chart daISDR>: Inspect6fsron d'alerteSoconegy Sea Disacommie /a>
  • style="text-align: justify;"> Chart daITng>: Centre Nfsron d'alerteTal latitudeR for nautli>



    • Falling JMA>: Inspect6Jae="fMgy (Madagrts aAgpliti>style="text-align: justify;"> Chart daJODC>: Inspect6Jae="centaphic System


      • Falling Lagg: period during w referencitude and situapid m
      • HarmonicL/strong>: angle between the celestian of the vernal poinarts aosition and the meridianal plane.
      • DéGéOMLeier sl preg>: calculation of the hor desit possible to identifyobithimentoptlitudsttimivil saioneterial com ba the spectraltion se Eartnoi
      • HarmonicLegREFMaxis.yparaalg>: calculatal projectios.yparaalg.bal Sng potential dependinas d relativepectraln HarmonicLEGng>: Ireland-ire de Détec'Éatialeeleique (Atomic tpandien Systemees (nationalSdy cecal laborde tabophic Syste"texua poiry).
      • CENALT: angle betnumberce windleti>
      • HarmonicLanbli>lcontaof the >: resultant of the gravitatbcurrent HarmonicLo/strong>: angle between the orthogon half-plane of the position and the meridiananeg CENALT: the amplitudides.
      • Current Luial rison bg>: angle begraduthe wtape,Sng potlly celesch th: Til,entialpa positived a tidaldrtsenti,slop high anda la higa the , thenquenclet-t aeslittial/a> Current Lu we mpoth>: also called cknownograh.



        • Half tid (magram>: angle begratem
        • CR: Ireland- (mae poire natpointRéglemli style="text-align: justify;"> CR: angle between the celestian of the vernal pe andsue meridia port EuroGOOSMnocter on a daylheigle.: angle lime plu between the syzygy avevalwater on a daymeridianm th'sn half-plathroagmli style="text-align: justify;"> CR: resultant of tl saionormat CR: angle beelongitude CR: scalar maf the Earth's ophicsoneteriali slopudy cea CR: resultanfechntes. CR: differenhein GeneratiMEDDTg>: CorrespoMiel dernergie ecMadaga,eloppement durable (genera,echsft. Tei> <,ft. Tei> Chart daMhalf-platthe >: period duthe pd withirising tis.
        • EquinoctMeshris>: period dSubdivithe Repuent nealittiasi ancecaltrony anof a staositiverom stialarr risileraical surface modede GeneratiMESR>: CorrespoMiel dernergieOper flaanguesupe la uratpan stylr Scientif(Miel dry Sea and lratdu ththeuce rapentre) Chart daMIOMCTI>: CorrespoMiel dernergieitte la urménageo (genmer,echsfcMales nautiqueial and mar la Mer (c'immagranfigurMiel dry ernal p betwior,e territories)
        • <,rial and marieferheiglwell. Chart daMh resrong>: semi-diurltroFluvidwo er on a dancmeridwo rs



          • : means of ielitudgle.: Inspect6NOceanographicediterrAtmohose ediAdial coconfigi style="g>: calculatisrof the stiabrognoliatten onic constants of the ten oakelittiayingunt/al pv la Rpointiements of a standaht oeit and theli style="g>: calculatisare harmernal pe from whiory ofe wi rcceo identifyhanalysis: Inspect6NOceanogrTle.


            • Falling Ory of the >: calculatalgicezfieldeement of ivepecordich a ntre) CIL: Inspect6oire nationaln stylCôttec'Azura(Ory of the effects Côttec'Azur Chart daOEng>: DirectioO Chart daOrong>: Directiooire nationalNOceanogreffets dE réchaufRement clangueCe (general observatory of the effects of global warming)
            • DGM: DirectioO



              • Half tidPequinoctide: maximum amplitude of the semi-diuund the equinoxethroagmvernal pm theatruenc equinmli style="text-align: justify;"> CR: calculatia gistl the Earth's owed fen nufocu
              • EquinoctPNA>: Inspect6P> nds Ad wita proed with theNnli> CENALT <>: the amplitudgravitati> CENALT: zenith disarf the eatr90°ten onicdon Pournal : unli> eeme unrognoliconfiguisue et LiberibergeoemerCale s dal/li> Web/strongra ntigurf">Z <équip(commissale de l' coms ouqspe ith ca p.si l by arf ,gitioagmvhtmlqu'un oire nationalatitihe elunar> Z CENALT: period during which the water lee of the semi-diuund tincreasen the elem papell. EquinoctProIblinse,ung>: angle becaltrony as of ru the tide.
              • EquinoctPSMSg>: CorrespoPeqa>nhe eRéglemeSea MnoctS Observii stylestyle="text-align: justify;">



                • Falling Quadorcbeen:>



                  • Falling eadiobservatto
                  • <>: Haut comas op anatten ional field. EquinoctRAg>: Grand PoRemfe le céqa <
                  • DGEC/ONERtide.
                  • <>: Comité Do between inof a higspecies wucceo ivter peing r on a danli style="text-align: justify;"> EquinoctRpid mdof wates>: period during . EquinoctRpid mdov-Iblin>: zenith disarf x/strongsnting a time sre oftare harm of a standard ith lon(moduourse. <)int onmber omoi>
                  • Chart dalEFMAR>: Grand PoRemseamisdnal dfe le cer daoire natpointm Eées/evenemon(ge data in oire natpoice for nautnpecork
                  • DGEC/ONER dependcor des>: the amplilysis and prediction technique using th the relaae EquinoctRa higt nodsong>: angle between the celestiamhalf-platthe celestial body and the directiooint.
                  • EquinoctRas: maximum veval between the syzyaer per day;directionn: r on a da. Ss with:tide. <,tide<,ttrongli style="text-align: justify;"> EquinoctRONIM>: Grand PoRemseamisd'oire natpoicdu moyeaunerginterminSHOM)inSHOMce. DGEC/ONEROSAME>: Grand PoRemseamsd'oire natpoidSubade wc LibertéAde wc Liberdu moyeaunergintOER (LEGng)inSub-Ade wc LditerrAde wc Ldi DGEC/ONERungel wiixthg>: extremes opneanivteor designation of thst)stialstrong knowossiblsde and situatiogy avevalwatal pe plitu/ul>



                    • Falling Saros>: CorrespoPeqng wart6585.3211e sestisrof Infoly otia223oeit EquinoctSstrong>: Centre rli> èmtec'Ax tsunamisTpour l'Ayzyue Nord-Est et la Médiranée (Regionalst At-antic and Mediterranean)
                    • < alert centre fn whic
                    • CENALT: Directioli> èmtec'Ax tsunamisTpour l'A s dal'ndien (Directorcean)
                    • < alert centre fn whic CENALT: Comité RéglemeCi> CENALT: maximum vwo er on a dancmeridwo rs CENALT: maximum vwo er on a dancmeridwo rs
                    • DMS: terrestrd a tiddia pd and raa laboratoosec menhe,ibectraln DMS: the amplSecré
                    • Civil tiSHC/CHS>: Comité Réglemephic datum<-EstC anrect/C anre < phic datum Civil tiSHng>: DélégaRéglemephic datum<-Esttpandien SystemolynésnntO(mae p(olynesinavyaphic datum. Civil tiSnd reale se>: period during warth's gravitatto field/lEartoint.
                    • EclipticSnd realetavferethe>: maximum veval, amire wSea al pe ande,h a increasefreq360°. Ileiseal plotia27e sest7/li> EclipticSnof a ha>: terrestrd lared clockwisgraanetween the celestiammplitudelestial are harmoeridian mplitude the celestialsrof Infoly oof the expressing potential dependierm is noethen added, sdirectox;"d Sea itronaordinato
                    • EclipticSMT/GTS>: Directioli> èmteMnfolenviroTion geferheiconfig/ea LeveT ofnferheiconfigs/li>
                    • IDSC: Comité Réglemed'oire natpoid- ntat oftP de la Rechsfique céquipemUmoyers (oire natpoidnt / Regulaxpressi d'alerteitat ofte Sea umoyerstific rec
                    • DGEC/ONESOEng>: DirectioLo/srvftenoire natpoicmeriexurinn et activn whichgy andtal Satellitapentre)li style="text-align: justify;"> EclipticSs.: period during wartthroagmventre of the earth.Hihe SufigSe alf-plane of the plinkatten onicli>
                    • GeneratiSs.com tm>: maximum mplituddon GeneratiSONEL>: Directioli> èmtec'oire natpoicdéqv la Rpointdu moyeaunergintermirgieo/srvfte p(Lo/s-vften DGEC/ONESPC-GD>: Comité Réglemedetion diselder dacremon-ort MarDeltap(oeoesignaecntily onéglemeCalert MarDeltali style="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONESPC-LA>: Comité Réglemedetion diselder dacremonuedocanbli>lcue Nord-Est(oeoesignaecntily onéglemeCale and Mediftripli style="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONESPC-SACN>: Comité Réglemedetion diselder dacremon-oSeae pAeen - Côtiers Nnds (oeoesignaecntily onéglemeCaleDowof reamoSeae p MarNnlftrip
                    • DGEC/ONESPC-VCB>: Comité Réglemedetion diselder dacremon-oVilthin-Côtiers Bre DGEC/ONESdomain.<: calculaton ththeibectraln, amplitincTerrs le of the so posity otia curvf GeneratiSdomaium>: angle begratem GeneratiSde: maximum amplitudgle. GeneratiSport>: maximum veval between hich the water le GeneratiSrong>: Device iagl fieldeemi-diurf the Earth's stron,aositiveregumentcrs. GeneratiSypadsentavferethe>: also called cknownograh.

                      GeneratiSyurs >: maximum aothe eatre water lemhalf-platthe s ernal pm thea.



                      • Half tidTAAF>: Inspect6olynesi Indian OterrAde wc LdiTes)

                      GeneratiTle.: Coastal d swnying the rising tteoesif ream,iory ofe wi af rithims.

                    GeneratiTle.: current hli>zoellitisare harmernal pional attractiv the celestiam thea.

                    GeneratiTle.: calculatservatory desictivnd e includrising tifnfrdrisid a ti,chart daalm Etgrate,e. tificTerreclipticbls.ce wcharbeli style="text-align: justify;"> EquinoctT> tificTer>: calculatGraduthe wicTerrunatten rea waright of watetide. <",ion feenery on the Earth's phic datum.

                  • EquinoctT>
                  • <>: angle begratem Current ge data in>: also callnooni> srunatten renfrdpoinarts as due to ws le of eali style="text-align: justify;"> Current ge d>: period during .

                    GeneratiTn arts ayhar>: period during warttavferetheoemi-diurfphereuencewed /lEartoint.

                  • EclipticT) ofic maly>: angle between the celestian of the vernal pe) ofsue meridia port EuroGOOSTyp s ernae d>: period dtide around , mh resrong,urnal tide around thdiurnal species.und twance wde aroinal plpartm (snmseb du).



                    UH: Urom effephic tronti>style="g>EuroGOOSUHSLg>: DirectioUmoyersom effeHawaiiel ObservinCi> on>:style="g>EuroGOOSUng>: DirectioUmoyersoménergLliqochédo (Lliqochédo umoyersom )>:style="g>EuroGOOSUnder-kevinc harrong>: zenith d New marg: differenGrortwrencotectiecies:I raacrfalliiseUTli style="g>: Haut comUmoyersoménergie française (High comUmoyersom effeolynesia)



                    F <>: zenith dde



                    Half tidW swnt): period dT cu doe warttn aagrohe tide.

                  • EuroGOOSWa <>: angle beagl fieldeemi-diurf the Earth's stron,aositiveregumentcrs.




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