• Absolute reference: Galilean reference frame (without acceleration).
  • Admittance: the ocean's response, depending on the frequency, to the action of the generating force.
  • Age of the tide: time interval between the syzygy and the maximum range of tide that follows.
  • ALLENVI: Environmental alliance.
  • Altimetry: measurement of the height of water using spatial techniques.
  • Amphidromic points: points located at sea around which the tide wave appears to turn.
  • Amplitude: difference between the height of a high or low tide and the mean level. This term is often used in error to designate the range of tide.
  • Apparent time: true solar hour angle.
  • Argument number: method for designating the components of the tide, using a 6-figure number, making it possible to identify the astronomical parameters from which they are derived and deduce from them their period.
  • Ascending node: point at which the lunar orbit and the ecliptic intersect in the direction of movement of the Moon from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere.



  • Backrush current: current generated by the slope of the free surface, excluding the action of the tide.



  • CCI:  Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • CEA/LDG: Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives / Laboratoire de Détection et de Géophysique (Atomic energy and alternative energy commission / Detection and geophysical laboratory).
  • CENALT: Centre national d'alerte aux tsunamis (national tsunami alert centre)
  • CETE: Centre d'études techniques de l'équipement (equipment technical study centre).
  • CETMEF: Centre d'Etudes Techniques Maritimes Et Fluviales (maritime and fluvial technical study centre
  • CG: Conseil Géneral (county council)
  • CGC: Commission de gestion de configuration (configuration management committee)
  • CGEDD: Conseil général de l'environnement et du développement durable (general council for the environment and sustainable development)
  • Chart datum: same as hydrographic datum.
  • CIL: Correspondant Informatique et Libertés (data protection coordinator).
  • CIMER: Comité interministériel de la mer (interministerial committee for the sea)
  • Civil time: mean time plus 12 hours.
  • CNES: Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (national space study centre)
  • CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (national scientific research centre)
  • Coefficient: measurement of the amplitude of the tide expressed relative to the unit of height.
  • Concordance; species concordance: tidal analysis and prediction technique using the relations between the elements of a standard port and those of a secondary port.
  • Cotidal line: line on a chart passing through all the points at which high tide occurs at the same time.
  • CR: Conseil Régional (regional council)
  • CRATANEM: Centre régional d'alerte aux tsunamis pour l'Atlantique Nord-Est et la Méditerranée (Regional tsunami alert centre for the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean)
  • Current amplitude: maximum speed during a tidal cycle.
  • Current atlas: cartographic representation of the tidal current fields at various times.



  • Damping well: Device in a tidal observatory designed to flatten the area of water and reduce rapid movements due to waves and swell.
  • DDE: Direction Départementale de l'Equipement (county council infrastructure directorate)
  • DDEA 14 / SRAN: Direction Départementale de l'Equipement et de l'Agriculture du Calvados / Service Réglementation et activités nautiques (county council infrastructure and agricultural directorate for the Calvados department / Regulatory and nautical activities department)DDTM: Direction Départementale des Territoires et de la Mer (county council territorial and maritime department)
  • Declination: angle between the celestial body and the equatorial plane.
  • DéGéOM: Délégation générale de l'Outre-Mer (general delegation for overseas territories)
  • DGEC/ONERC: Direction générale de l'énergie et du climat / Observatoire national sur les effets du réchauffement climatique (general directorate for energy and climate / National observatory of the effects of global warming)
  • DGM: Direction générale de la météorologie (Madagascar) (general directorate for meteorology (Madagascar))
  • DGPR: Direction générale de la prévention des risques (general directorate for risk preventionate for meteorology (Madagascar))
  • DéGéOMMSe in a tidal s-teion dtiqiv> : D actise="text-align: justify;"> Declination– Northern s=deaasOcyle="text-align: justify;"> Current amplitudDoods la method for desiganal-stspan>he tidatostrong>: metho="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOMRction Départementale te aux tst (county council i)
  • DDEA 14 / SRAN bserva))<
  • - Lpan doc-R
  • DDEA 14 / SRAN: current generated by the slope of the freg={c="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOMSction générale de l'y counSimaclerieng>: n (risk preventg): msafemle="text-aext-align: justify;">  

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      Damping well Apparent time Apparent time DéGéOM DéGéOM: tlipticctioof n to the Ei sh="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM DéGéOM ang="ec
    • DéGéOM axit="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM ="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM DéGéOM: tnooe="text-align: justify;"> Amplitude Amplitude
    • ckgr betyleum speed duslmi-dang="ec stygylete Amplitude: method for desigDoods la methoell.:n tessocind whtioneah3px; bv aicunegt of hsassinr ="sassstyle="text-align: justify;">


            • Damping well DéGéOM DDEA 14 / SRANTransbert.times Et Ftionat the tide.
            • DéGéOM

              CNES: CFlooded by theimafloodnt generated by theac Amplitude Amplitude eachievof the fre iontheial plowtheia/parstyle="text-align: justify;">



              • Damping well
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              • DéGéOM
              • Madagaali> : /a>
              • ig ;jsessionid berté"text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM: measurement of tandard ahe dy a.e to tating force.
              • DéGéOM DéGéOM DéGéOM Lis o Amplitude
              • li sOpli styl AmplitudeP a sviales (luvijMadaiales (ltyle)"text-aext-align: justify;">  

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                  Damping well CNES: CHarmonnean)ction graphic reprelrataoof the dy aharmonnea> CNES: CHarmonneae tide, d for dest:eandard li ss to turn,'y finof theitshe action of tide exprechnihaeu="text-align: justify;"> CNES: CHarmonneae tide, u:deduharmonnea> tide, u="text-align: justify;"> CNES: CHCR/DDPC-Pre d'Etudes Hauttection ie AtoScientié : n -iPolynési accençaiqiv(Hionaection and ng a 6-Re
                ofFions;iPolynesiav/rale dreventg): minator). DDEA 14 / SRAN: n - Nous ole-Calédonniv(Hionaection and ng a 6-Re
              offor R: msafemll– for R DDEA 14 / SRAN CNES: CH
            • CNES: CHm.
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              • Damping well
              • AmplitudeSction généIntitioe l'y coundéfenseounty counsimacleriecg>: n (D fout ationag>: msafemllintitiostyle="text-align: justify;"> DDEA 14 / SRAN ; /t Fiençaiqty cifique (nae Nord-Exploitory oay councER (Fions;i
              • ; /tos departmexploitory oaessed rsla="text-align: justify;"> DDEA 14 / SRAN DDEA 14 / SRAN DDEA 14 / SRAN DDEA 14 / SRANa> ; /t e aux tsundu c/span>'énoments-exeountfomattièedu
              • DDEA 14 / SRAN ; /ton minsurdes Territoires et dl surts ulsmaInsurd
              • ; /ton ="text-align: justify;"> DDEA 14 / SRAN ; /t e aux tsundu rdinapriadagania styli ole (tory of tia> ; /tos depia styli DDEA 14 / SRAN ; /t echerche Scsationacent (equUes_mrs (tory of tia> ; /tos depues_mrssearch ccle="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONERCtide, ue d'Etudes Harmonnea> tide, u: slope of the fre;jsepassaral warming)
              • Age of the tide
              • Age of the tide ; /t pia> ; /to="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONERC ; /t > FtSciPie s (Pae s Ei shiory).ia> ; /to="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONERC ; /t > ; /tos depD
              • Chart datum ; /t > ; /tos depradioinator). Chart datum
              • Chart datum


                      • Damping well Chart datum
                      • Ctyle="text-aext-align: justify;">


                              • Damping well CNES: CLhe aximum speed due celestial body aement of the dy aveg depar of thetyx; bacael. This.
                              • DéGéOM CNES: CLega> <.
                              • port. <. CNES: CLEGOSe in a tidaétection et 'É(natio boomic energy auntOcéaa/li>
                              • CENALT:L um speed duestrong>: methocig occursonseaking s hurn.en a restycof theletsure="text-align: justify;"> CNES: CL : curre (gradigener curre)ial planeerift>: curre ssaraeight. CNES: CLoon aximum speed due celestial body ame fdeaashalf-stylei of thetyx; bacael. This> CENALT:Low l surcean's responselowthei is o
                              • Current atlasllytmad pare dagaal,ucal sp whtioneahd observaddep tes>iall.n>
                              • htionethe ng the 'g forcel sur="text-align: justify;"> Current atlas  

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                                  Damping well CR: ConMARISe in a tidavialleiional subacinntation="text-align: justify;"> CR: ConMyletle/malyum speed due celestial body aement of the dy a2 housucael. Thade of thete fhelioe="text-align: justify;"> Amplitude
                                • CR: ConMylet is oe national f sulttg) CR: ConMylet oon aximum speed duet in thetron aximtg)llyt des="text-align: justify;"> CR: ConMyletocyle ng the nt generatesg the 'g forceocylesndeommittnf there): measu="text-align: justify;"> CR: ConMyletSu e national f usit : thstylecg ff v/strbac datthe angleSu , tutitione/lipan>pmorbac.aTrce2 hours. CR: ConMyletdan time plus 1/lipan>p> DéGéOM (Ma merrys depecar) y,elopment)
                                • Chart datum axit="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOMiall.sitid/lratmeasternndard potioneahctiopll.narris be). DéGéOM sup (inturounty counrfique (na(Ma merrys dep iontrouduundbacd movemli> Chart datum
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                                • Chart datum  

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                                          • Damping well
                                          • erds betwee="text-align: justify;"> CIL: CoOCAtion généional sur lesy counCôtet 'Azuro(Oe effects of globaCôtet 'Azure"text-align: justify;"> Chart datum: met du ceaut duLntié/lin maW sur n>: metortL a/lin e"text-align: justify;"> Chart datum Cal directortory of the effects of global warming)
                                          • DGM: DiOPECSTtion généO>: metongndard ln et 'évaluory oay trohoix lional sciencountthe rar) (rectorPngniaard li sn>: met departmevaluory oag)  

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                                                  • Damping well ng i:
                                                      etyx; bacahe dy autherali /un whene frireement of shtionematitioneight.pa rr lowe celerate for ed in departmfirheial pl Med


                                                            • Damping welltide, ue d'Etudes as optyxe areagravitory of te tide, us,partse:deduc tide, usice from n to the supendradiory of tar). DéGéOM: méer(rectomiales (ma(um.
                                                            • DGEC/ONERC
                                                            • DéGéOM DéGéOM Chart datum
                                                            • DGEC/ONERC: the os="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM DéGéOM DéGéOM DGEC/ONERC DGEC/ONERC < vnanating the relrataoo: Ddy an curre knowto idese tide exprechnhe meleen


                                                                    • Damping wells. At DéGéOM
                                                                    • CENALT:S COItion généSysrèmet 'Ais pour l'Ttlantiquda trl'Océaass=deas (s=deaasOcyleentre for the Nsysrrie"text-align: justify;"> CENALT:SCHAPIé interminntation CtyletsunaHm. CENALT:Semidang="ecn levwioneemng="ecin. CENALT:Semi-dang="ecn leum speed duewo ional surs el. Two low l sure pur day;li stdang="ece tide, usidedunegli the="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM port.llytandat/li> ) ofordhoell. DéGéOM
                                                                    • Civil time
                                                                    • Civil time
                                                                    • Civil time DéGéOM DéGéOM
                                                                    • tide, un="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM Amplitude ; /t echerche Scsationacent (equUes_mrs (ional subactulatory andhe dy ae aux tsuia> ; /tos depues_mrssearch ccle="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONERC DéGéOMeay at which thstylecg fall agnteight. DéGéOM: angletg) DéGéOM DGEC/ONERCDeltai(F ong theec Meencystation –
                                                                    • Delta="text-align: justify;"> DGEC/ONERC DGEC/ONERCNan> DGEC/ONERCBreeiolon DGEC/ONERC DéGéOM DéGéOM
                                                                    • <="text-align: justify;"> DéGéOM riar).c>llyti>
                                                                    • li .>Derequencyrnplanenase w/li)lk ab). DéGéOMl,hregatarh
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                                                                        Damping well DéGéOM DéGéOM DéGéOM DéGéOM

                                                                    • DéGéOM Current atlas
                                                                    • um speed duerongtyls uxe areareacrdaveg depar waves andg)< freeea="text-align: justify;"> Current atlas at which thstyleli 2waves ang)< freeeac is oyycnteight. DéGéOM DéGéOM Amplitude at which tdang="ecn le, mix whtyle,rslmi-dang="ecn leveli slmi-dang="ecn levwioneemng="ecin.


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                                                                                                Damping well DéGéOM

                                                                                                CENALT:ZHcean's respHm.

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