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marégraphe radar installé au port de Saint-Pierre - Archipel français de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (crédits SHOM - Noé Poffa, juin 2012)

Bringing together the existing networks and monitoring the integration of emerging networks at territorial scale for practical distribution through a single portal is one of the SHOM's objectives, through tide gauge observation reference networks (French designation REFMAR) included in the Prime Ministerial instruction relating to the observation of the sea level and the management and distribution of the resulting data.

REFMAR notably pays particular attention to the distribution of sea level measurements from the networks currently deployed by ensuring the general conditions of use.

The current data are not the only ones proposed on REFMAR. For certain stations, the sets of measurements are supplemented by historical observations (20th century and previous centuries).

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to add other tide gauge stations. If you so request, we can provide you with a standard agreement.

Producers tidal data partners REFMAR

Partenaires REFMAR - producteurs de données marégraphiques - mis à jour le 21/11/2013

REFMAR calendar

Each month find information on tidal observation: its history, its operation, descriptions, practical information. The calendar is printable, or used as wallpaper (in french).

Calendrier REFMAR - Juillet 2013

Observation of sea level: news and events:

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