Seminar on "Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Risks" Seminar on "Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Risks"

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Seminar on "Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Risks"

On 15 and 16 November 2010 at Orléans, the BRGM [French bureau of geological and mining research] (Department for Natural risks and safety of CO2 storage) is organising a seminar on "Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Risks".

The object of the seminar is to take stock of the progress of research undertaken in Franceon the impact of climate change on coastal risks by presenting the scientific results of ANR [National research agency] projects tackling this problem.

List of ANR projects:


-VULSACO (VULnerability of SAndy COast systems to climate change and human activities);
-MISEEVA (Marine Inundation hazard exposure modelling and Social, Economic and Environmental Vulnerability Assessment in regard to global changes)
-CECILE (Changement Environnementaux Côtiers : Impact de L'Elévation du niveau de la mer - environmental change at the coast Impact of the rise in sea level)

Programme :

Seminar on 15 November:

-Topic 1: Modifications of forcing phenomena (swell, surges, rise in sea level…);

-Topic 2: Impact on random events (erosion, inundation by the sea…);

Seminar on 16 November:

-Topic 3: Socio-economic implications;

-Topic 4: Transfer of the research to support public policies.

Contacts : Thomas Bulteau :
Nicole Lenôtre :