Network of tide gauges in the Pacific

A study report by SHOM relating to the network of tide gauges in the Pacific has just appeared under the direction of Serge LANNUZEL.

Summary:Over the past few years numerous seismic events have initiated tsunamis in the Pacific. France is therefore seeking to improve the risk surveillance and warning systems for tsunamis that remain a threat in the region (prevention of risk to populations, organisation of warnings, installation of sirens and tide gauges). Approached by French authorities, the Naval Oceanography and Hydrography department (SHOM) has been specifically charged with installing in New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and in French Polynesia, tide gauges whose data will be transmitted in real time to the tsunami warning centres in the Pacific. This report declares the progress of operations conducted by SHOM since 2007: surveying sites, specifications for tide gauge stations and shelters, installations following standardisation of the work to be performed, and definition of the in-service support (ISS) work. Installation work will continue over the next few years. It is advisable, however, to ensure the long life of these investments by setting up ISS for the network of tide gauges in order to maintain and confirm the installed equipment, which fits into the overall measures for civil security and prevention of risk, covering also the other countries in the Pacific.

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