Publication of Volume 3 of the "The climate of France in the 21st century" series concerning the change in the sea level (MEDDTL / ONERC)


Plan national changement climatique


In 2010, the French ministry for ecology, sustainable development, transport and housing (MEDDTL) sought the expertise of the French climate science community in order to produce a scientific evaluation of the climatic conditions in France in the 21st century. Dr Jean Jouzel was given the responsibility of leading this evaluation, carried out by researchers from the CNRS/INSU/IPSL and LGGE, Météo-France, the BRGM, the CEA, the CETMEF and the CNES. The "The climate of France in the 21st century" series collates the results of this work. It provides reference climatic indices that must serve as the basis for formulating measures for adapting to climate change. This tool is essential to the large number of actors involved in this adaptation such as, in particular, local authorities, the private business sector, associations and government departments. For that reason, the production of these reference data is mentioned as the N°1 Action in the National plan for adapting to climate change, in force since 19 July 2011. The national observatory into the effects of global warming (ONERC) organizes and disseminates this scientific information.

Le climat de la France au XXIe siècle - Volume 3 l'évolution du niveau de la mer.


The principal objective of Volume 3 of the series, concerning the change in the sea level, is to establish a more complete assessment of the knowledge drawn from the last report of the GIEC (2007) and more recent research, concerning both observations and future projections. Tide gauging and long-term observation of the sea level occupy centre stage in this report.

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