Deployment of a new tide gauge observatory on Maré in New Caledonia (Maré in the Loyalty Islands)


Observatoire de Maré - Iles Loyauté - Nouvelle-Calédonie (Crédits SHOM, avril 2012)

Observatoire marégraphique de Maré (Crédits SHOM, avril 2012)


The Maré tide gauge observatory was installed from 17 to 22 April 2012 in order to contribute to the monitoring of the risk of tsunamis in the Pacific. Its installation was financed by the DéGéOM (general overseas delegation), the government of New Caledonia and SHOM.

Localisation de l'île Maré (Carte bathymétrique SHOM n°7321 (2008) Océan Pacifique Sud - Des récifs Bampton à l'île Hunter - Nouvelle Calédonie - Vanuatu

The observatory is installed in the Bay of Tadine, on the quayside of the town of Tadine (Maré, one of the Loyalty Islands). It consists of:

- a VegaPulse62 radar sensor ;

- a KELLER PR-36XW/H pressure sensor;

- a VAISALA MAWS301 acquisition unit.


The full data sheet concerning the observatory, as well as the raw observation data can be viewed here.

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