2011 Annual Report of REFMAR activity on line

This report is SHOM's second annual report of its activity as the national reference body for in situ observation of the sea level, conducted as part of the REFMAR project and produced in accordance with instruction N°863/SGMer dated 20 April 2010.


Couverture du rapport annuel d'activité 2011 REFMAR


Details of the report of REFMAR activities

The report sets out the main results of tide gauge observations in France in 2011. Of particular note are:

  • Actions carried out in its role as the national reference body;
  • The development of French tide gauge networks and projects;
  • The establishment of data collection from producers, archiving and distribution via the REFMAR system;
  • Actions carried out in France on historical data..



In 2012, SHOM's work as the national reference body for the observation of the sea level and the management and distribution of the resulting data will be devoted mainly to:

  • The consolidation of the Internet portal;
  • Continuing to establish the reference body function amongst the data producers;
  • Preparing the first REFMAR days, which will take place during the week of 17 to 21 June 2013 on the premises of the Geosciences centre in Saint-Mandé. These days will be an opportunity to gather together both the producers and users of data. Various sessions will be scheduled on the multiple uses of the data provided via REFMAR. Plans also call for workshops to be scheduled.


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