The reference work on the theory and practice of tides online (in French and in English

The reference work written by Bernard Simon on the theory and practice of tides is now available for free download in French and English. The French version, La marée. La Marée Océanique Côtière, has existed in paper format since 2007, while the English version, Coastal Tide, became available this year. Both versions are published by the Institut Océanographique. This book is for anyone interested in the observation, analysis and prediction of sea level variations for the needs of maritime navigation, hydrography and coastal development.


Coastal Tides Bernard Simon Institut océanographique

  La marée La marée océanique côtière - Bernard Simon - 2007 - Institut océanographique


Presentation of the book

This book presents the foundations of the study of ocean tides and its applications in coastal areas. After some general basic information, Bernard Simon describes, in Chapter II, the various observation techniques, focusing on issues related to the measurement quality. He discusses in detail in the following chapters the generative force of the tide, its effects in terms of level variations and the various analytical techniques used for predicting and calculating characteristic levels. Chapters IX and X deal with the reference levels and tidal currents. At the end of the book, very comprehensive appendices provide the necessary tools to learn more about the theory and specific technical points discussed in the text.

Presentation of the author

Bernard Simon worked as an engineer at SHOM (French Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Office) where he conducted studies in coastal hydrodynamics. Based on his internationally recognized expertise, the author has helped advance academic research. He also taught at ENSTA (National Institute of Advanced Technologies) and the Naval Academy.




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