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The principal observations available on REFMAR are as follows:

  • permanent coastal tide gauge water height measurements available in non-real-time in the form of files. Concerning, for example, the RONIM network, these data are available covering periods of every 10 minutes and every hour, with a typical delay of 15 days and 3 months, respectively;
  • real-time measurements, as required by the storm and tsunami alert programmes. These measurements, which are currently under development, are presently available on the REFMAR site via links to the corresponding pages on the Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility.
  • geodetic cross-references between tidal benchmarks and the measuring apparatus;

Fos-sur-mer observatory (photo credit SHOM, 2010)

Fos-sur-mer observatory (photo credit SHOM, 2010)


  • tide gauge calibration measurements, independent tide gauge measurements with luminous or sonic calibration probes.


These measurement elements are essential in order to establish consistent water height temporal series expressed with respect to known vertical references (maritime and terrestrial). The series thus formed will then enable studies to be carried out into sea level variations reference levels.

Nevertheless, by "data" we mean both measurements and metadata or the results of processing, analysis and the combination of the two. REFMAR therefore also provides the necessary documentary data essential to draw the best possible benefit from the service's measurements and products.


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